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What can I claim?

Did someone say tax deductible? No one likes missing a deduction if they can help it! Here are our top tips on what you should be claiming. 1. Maintenance Fees

How to buy in a hot market

It is a hot market for buyers right now. Inventory is low, properties are selling fast, and the number of buyers seems to be growing. How do you win when

How much is my house worth

There comes a time in every homeowner’s mind that they would like to know how much their house is worth in the current market. There are a couple of ways

How to buy your first home

The Australian dream is to buy a home, we all grow up desiring somewhere we can call our own from an early age. Australia’s obsession with the film ‘The Castle’

How to get more rent for your property

Are you looking to maximise your investment? Here are some quick tips on how to get the most rent possible from your property. 1. All about kerb appeal Never underestimate

How to find an investment property

New to property investing? Here are our top tips for a successful property investment journey. 1. What makes a good investment property   There are many things to watch out

How to be a Superhero Landlord

Everyone wants to be a Superhero right? Believe it or not that extends to being a Landlord!  Here are our tips on how to be a Superhero Landlord. 1. Get to

Staging your home to sell?

Does staging your home for sale really make you more money? Short answer. Yes. Australian’s have an absolute love affair with property and that includes not only how a property

Property Management 101

So you own a property? The looming question is how much maintenance do you need to do? We have all heard the stories of the nightmare tenants who will complain

Property Management Tips

Are you looking to maximise the return on your investment property? You must take care of and maintain your property to the best of your ability, especially when asking tenants

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