Think like a tenant

Ever wondered what makes a truly great investment property? If you’re struggling to decide which property to buy maybe it’s time to think like a tenant.

1. Location

Every tenant is going to want to be close to amenities. These include transport, local cafes/restaurants, parks, etc.

If you currently have the option of choosing between multiple properties, our suggestion is that you should choose the property with the best location.

2. Ready to go condition

This is a bit of a no-brainer but if your tenant can move into the property without having to report repairs or breaks etc. this will be a huge box ticked in which property you choose to purchase. 

Getting your agents feedback on things like this is hugely helpful and will ultimately help secure a fantastic tenant.

3. Storage

You will never hear a tenant complain about having too much storage! Whether it is extra storage in the laundry, built-ins in each bedroom or a well thought out kitchen it all makes a difference to your tenant.

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