Staging your home to sell?

Does staging your home for sale really make you more money?

Short answer. Yes.

Australian’s have an absolute love affair with property and that includes not only how a property performs financially but how it looks and feels.

When it comes to selling your home or investment property there are some key things that need your utmost attention to achieve the best price.

  1. De-Personalise The Space

It’s time to remove the elements that make your house a home. Inspiring the imagination of your buyer is what will help to see themselves in the home. The goal is to have your prospective buyers take their eyes off their wallets, and onto your property. If you are finding it hard to know where to start, a good thing to start with is photos. While the family photos are a wonderful thing and hold many fond memories you can guarantee that your buyer won’t have the same warm and fuzzy feeling you do when you look at those photos. Start with removing family photos, take down the posters from the walls, and any cards you may have displayed around the home. Remember this is only temporary! You aren’t getting rid of those memories forever, this is just a momentary adjustment to help in selling your home.

2. Keep It Neutral

Much like de-personalising, keeping things neutral is a big one. That bright pink highlight wall you love? It’s probably not going to make your buyer feel the same way. Keeping things neutral will once again pique the interest of your buyer and allow them to envision themselves in your house. Most people will have furniture that matches with a neutral colour palette which means you can remove another barrier in your buyers imagination and they will be one step closer to seeing themselves in the home.

3. Less Is More (De-Cluttering Is The Key)

Keep things simple. By keeping things clear you are giving your buyer the ability to plan their furniture and layout as clearly as possible. This is also key in highlighting the larger areas of your home, or making smaller spaces feel bigger.

While some of these items may seem trivial, the feeling that a buyer has whilst walking through your home has an enormous effect on the decision they make to purchase and the emotion that drives their decision making. It could be the difference between purchasing your home or another property in the area.

Remember we want as many interested parties as possible so that we can have more options when it comes down to negotiating.

4. Lighting

Keeping the property well-lit is a major factor in the presentation of your home. Updating light fittings or upgrading your bulbs are both helpful when creating ambience and atmosphere during showings of your property. There are multiple options now when it comes to light bulbs and wattages from LED, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs, to downlights and dimmable filament bulbs. 

This can also make a huge difference if your bathroom is equipped with heat lamps. While  heat lamps aren’t for everybody, they certainly work and should be used to their full potential especially during open homes when you want your property looking it’s best.

If you happen to know what time of day the light is best in your home this is definitely something worth considering. For instance if your property is shaded by large trees for the first few hours of daylight, open homes in the afternoon may be better suited to your strategy for sale and vice versa. This will also make a difference if your home has skylights or large windows and also which season you are selling in. Obviously in winter the sun rises later and goes down earlier with the opposite happening in summer.

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