How to get more rent for your property

Are you looking to maximise your investment? Here are some quick tips on how to get the most rent possible from your property.

1. All about kerb appeal

Never underestimate what your property looks like from the street. First impressions are lasting impressions and your tenant wants to be proud of the home they live in. Make sure that the house is painted and clean when viewed from the street.

2. Everyone loves a makeover

Makeovers are hugely popular in property and there is a very good reason for that. They can change the perception of any room dramatically. Consider a makeover on each room of your property but most importantly make sure your kitchens and bathrooms have a makeover. It is often said that kitchens sell properties, and the same can be said for rentals.

3. Parking spaces

Everyone needs somewhere to park their car and making sure there are maximum spots available is a game changer in the rental market. It’s time to consider adding a parking space for extended off-street parking, this is a major bonus when looking for a rental property.

4. Storage is key

Lots of storage in any home is great, but you will certainly attract a great rental return when you provide plenty of in-home storage. Consider adding built-in wardrobes to each bedroom and any extra cabinetry in the kitchen where there may be a lack. It sounds trivial but in fact is a huge bonus when finding a good paying tenant.

5. Light & Bright

Make sure there is plenty of light available wherever possible. If that means installing a skylight in a very dark room, or updating lighting to be more efficient, these items are always worth upgrading. More light gives the impression of more space, and more space is always a more attractive feature in a property!

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