How to be a Superhero Landlord

Everyone wants to be a Superhero right? Believe it or not that extends to being a Landlord! 

Here are our tips on how to be a Superhero Landlord.

1. Get to know your tenant

No tenant is created equal. That is why your property manager is so crucial. 

When you are first renting out your property your property manager should have several options or applications to choose from. As such you will be familiar with your tenant, what they do for a living and whether they have children, etc. This all makes a difference when you are taking care of your tenants. It may seem trivial but if you know your tenants life situation you will be able to pre-empt some requests and sometimes repairs.

2. Be quick to respond.

Nothing is more frustrating than submitting repair requests and having the landlord take too long to respond. 

Many issues unanswered will only grow in complexity and the pressure comes back on the landlord. Issues managed quickly have the chance of staying small. If you ignore plumbing issues for example, you may end up with burst pipes, toxic mould, or severe property damage. All in all, best to respond as quickly as possible.

3. Be open about previous issues

If you have had previous property work done, there is only benefit to letting the tenant know of such work. That way you can monitor whether it is likely to happen again, or maintained in the future. This will further enhance the relationship between the tenant and yourself which means your tenant will be more likely to take care of the property.

4. Let the agent do their job

Unless you are committed to completing maintenance work yourself, it’s best to keep a healthy distance between yourselves and the tenants.

Not only does it give some distance for the tenant to be honest with the agent, it also means the tenant won’t contact you unnecessarily for extensive, un-needed repairs, etc.

Let the agent do their job in managing repairs, tenant expectations, and documenting property conditions. After all, that’s what you pay them for!

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