From selling to sold

From selling to SOLD

There are multiple items to consider when going from selling to sold. Here are our top tips to get you sold quicker!

1. Keep your house tidy

Each buyer has an imagination and they’re more likely to use that imagination if they can clearly see what they’re buying. Having a tidy home also means that there are less obstacles when it comes to negotiating as a buyer can see a nice clean property and there are no hidden surprises.

2. Be prepared to negotiate

Negotiation doesn’t just include price. It can also include genuine feedback regarding property conditions, building reports, etc. As long as you are prepared to listen to feedback this is another way of going from selling to sold quicker.

3. Be aware of the market conditions

This can be achieved in a number of ways, listening to your agent, visiting other open homes, watching what other properties around you sell for. These are all great indicators to what you can expect when it comes to the sale of your home.

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