First time renting? Here’s what you need to know

Time to get your own place? Here are our top tips to prepare for the world of renting and leasing.

1. Save a bond

The first thing you need to have ready to go is your rental bond. A bond is generally 4x weeks worth rent. If the property you are looking to rent is $500 per week, your bond total amount will be $2000. 

Having a bond ready to go is imperative to locking in your dream rental property.

2. Sort your paperwork

Every rental application requires you have a number of identification papers ready to go. These items include: Identification (Driver’s License, Photo ID), bank statements, payslips or proof of income, and any references both personal and professional. 

References are super helpful when it comes to proving your validity as a great tenant. Since it’s the first time you are applying for a property your references will be crucial in helping you secure a property. Having multiple references ready to go will place you miles ahead of all other new rental applicants.

3. Inspections

Always be on time. By simply arriving at the scheduled time you will prove to your prospective property manager or rental agency that you are punctual and respectful of all parties involved. 

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