Do I Really Need a Pest & Building Inspection?

When it comes to buying, selling or renovating a property on the Central  Coast of New South Wales it is wise to consider ordering a building and pest  inspection. Even though the cost of these services can seem tiresome or  unnecessary they can save you time, money and maintain a lower level  stress throughout your purchase, sale or renovation. 

Not only can these inspections highlight any current issues that the property  in question may have, they can also bring to light any previous issues that  may have affected the property and will provide you with the knowledge  necessary to deal with any problems effectively. 

Pest Inspections When Buying a Home  

Pre-Purchase inspections are crucial to the sales and negotiation process of  property and you can avoid major headaches by discovering any issues be fore taking the plunge of property ownership. As the old saying goes you  should never judge a book by it’s cover, it’s the same for real estate. 

The major issues to be aware of when buying Real Estate on the Central  Coast of New South Wales can range anywhere from asbestos to termite  damage.  

If you happen to find any asbestos in the property you are looking to pur chase, this will affect what/if any renovations you can make to the property. 

Asbestos removal is an expensive and timely process, if you do find any evi dence of asbestos and your intention is to renovate, all asbestos must be  removed by professionals and disposed of in the proper ways. There is a  process for this and legally it must be adhered to, especially if you are look ing to sell or lease the property in the future as the ramifications of dealing  with asbestos ineffectively can cause major legal damages to all parties in volved. 

If the property you are enquiring about has termite damage it is crucial that  you find whether the damage is active or inactive. Any active damage will re quire immediate attention as there is still live termite activity within the struc 

ture of the property that will weaken and destroy many areas of the house.  This could range from the timber in the walls, floors, supports, or cabinetry. 

Sometimes the damage is minor and no replacement work is needed, as  long as the proper termite protection and baiting is used you can effectively  get rid of the problem at the source without any further work. 

If the damage caused to the property is substantial, most repair costs can be  factored into the purchase price before signing any contract. Even in a hot  real estate market a vendor is unlikely to sell the property without some sort  of compensation to the purchaser for any damage caused if it is discovered  prior to signing contracts.  

Pest Inspections When Selling a Home  

In some cases, the owner of the property for sale will complete a pest and  building inspection report prior to sale so that prospective buyers can refer  to the document before committing to a sale. This generally instills a vote of  confidence for the sale of the property as the owner has committed to being  open about the condition of the property from the start of the campaign. 

This is also popular when a home is going to be sold at auction. A report can  sometimes be purchased prior to auction day so that all purchasers can ar rive on auction day ready to bid knowing as much about the property as they  can before the hammer falls. 

Are Pest And Building Inspections Worth It?  

On the whole, pest inspections are always worth it. They will either arm you  with knowledge about the real estate you are buying or with leverage in a  negotiation process.

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