From selling to sold

There are multiple items to consider when going from selling to sold. Here are our top tips to get you sold quicker! 1. Keep your house tidy Each buyer has an imagination and they’re more likely to use that imagination if they can clearly see what they’re buying. Having a tidy home also means that…Read More→

Renting vs Buying

Which fits your lifestyle?  There are several factors to consider in your home journey. Here are some of our top tips: Reasons to rent: I plan to live in the area for less than 2 years. I want to maintain flexibility and mobility. I am saving money for a house deposit. Reasons to buy: I…Read More→

Home improvements to tackle over the holidays

Got some extra time on your hands? Why not tackle some property improvements over the break. De-Clutter Often easier said than done but still super important. It’s time to pack away the Christmas decorations, go through the unwanted gifts, return or re-gift anything you don’t want and enjoy the new space you made! 2. Organise…Read More→

Do I need a 20% deposit?

Picture this: You are saving madly for a deposit but when do you stop? Do you really need a 20% deposit? Here is our advice. The bigger the better. The bigger deposit, the less money you have the borrow from the bank. The less you have to borrow, the less interest you have to pay….Read More→

Bring the outdoors in

Want to spice up the interior of your home but don’t want to paint? Here’s an idea for you! Bring the outdoors in Not only will you add a splash of colour to your rooms but there are also health benefits to having plants indoors.  Here are our top tips to maintaining a healthy indoor…Read More→

Think like a tenant

Ever wondered what makes a truly great investment property? If you’re struggling to decide which property to buy maybe it’s time to think like a tenant. 1. Location Every tenant is going to want to be close to amenities. These include transport, local cafes/restaurants, parks, etc. If you currently have the option of choosing between…Read More→

Is renting dead money?

Everyone has the itch to own property and renting feels like a step backwards. But is it really? Here are some things to consider as we attempt to answer that question. 1. Maintenance Depending on where you rent, ie apartment, unit, townhouse, etc. the maintenance schedule will vary but generally as a tenant it is…Read More→

First time renting? Here’s what you need to know

Time to get your own place? Here are our top tips to prepare for the world of renting and leasing. 1. Save a bond The first thing you need to have ready to go is your rental bond. A bond is generally 4x weeks worth rent. If the property you are looking to rent is…Read More→

What can I claim?

Did someone say tax deductible? No one likes missing a deduction if they can help it! Here are our top tips on what you should be claiming. 1. Maintenance Fees Whether you are maintaining lawns, smoke alarms, pest management, or cleaning, these are all maintenance fees that can be deducted from the income you receive…Read More→

You’ve bought an investment property. Now what?

You are officially a property investor. Congratulations! What’s next? 1. Find a property manager You’ve done all the hard work of finding a property, now it’s time to get your property manager to take the reins and supercharge your investment. It’s time to start earning some money from your investment! 2. Start your tenant search…Read More→

How to buy in a hot market

It is a hot market for buyers right now. Inventory is low, properties are selling fast, and the number of buyers seems to be growing. How do you win when the competition is so fierce? Here are our tips to home ownership in a hot market. 1. Always be prepared Preparation is key. Get your…Read More→

How much is my house worth

There comes a time in every homeowner’s mind that they would like to know how much their house is worth in the current market. There are a couple of ways to find this out and here are our key things to look out for. 1. What has sold around you A great indicator of what…Read More→

How to buy your first home

The Australian dream is to buy a home, we all grow up desiring somewhere we can call our own from an early age. Australia’s obsession with the film ‘The Castle’ proves this.  Having somewhere to lay your head that you own is a wonderful and worthy goal, here’s how to make it happen 1. Sort…Read More→

How to get more rent for your property

Are you looking to maximise your investment? Here are some quick tips on how to get the most rent possible from your property. 1. All about kerb appeal Never underestimate what your property looks like from the street. First impressions are lasting impressions and your tenant wants to be proud of the home they live…Read More→

How to find an investment property

New to property investing? Here are our top tips for a successful property investment journey. 1. What makes a good investment property   There are many things to watch out for when buying an investment property but perhaps the most important factor is ‘home owner appeal’. In other words, if you can picture yourself living…Read More→

Prepare your home for the spring selling season

Prepare your home for the spring selling season ’Tis the season to be selling! It is true that spring is a fantastic time to put your home on the market as the weather is beginning to warm up and flowers are starting to bloom. Here are our top tips on what do to prepare your…Read More→

How to be a Superhero Landlord

Everyone wants to be a Superhero right? Believe it or not that extends to being a Landlord!  Here are our tips on how to be a Superhero Landlord. 1. Get to know your tenant No tenant is created equal. That is why your property manager is so crucial.  When you are first renting out your property…Read More→

5 Things you must do before renting out your home

5 things you must do before renting out your home

Looking to rent out your home? Here are a couple of things that will lead to a long successful landlord experience. Fix up any issues If renovations or repairs aren’t your thing, now is NOT the time to get started. The property is now an asset and needs to be treated with respect and viewed…Read More→

Staging your home to sell?

Does staging your home for sale really make you more money? Short answer. Yes. Australian’s have an absolute love affair with property and that includes not only how a property performs financially but how it looks and feels. When it comes to selling your home or investment property there are some key things that need…Read More→

Property Management 101

So you own a property? The looming question is how much maintenance do you need to do? We have all heard the stories of the nightmare tenants who will complain about the tiniest things. Here’s how to win with property management. 1. Do you what you know If you really must do your own renovations,…Read More→