Bring the outdoors in

Want to spice up the interior of your home but don’t want to paint? Here’s an idea for you!

Bring the outdoors in

Not only will you add a splash of colour to your rooms but there are also health benefits to having plants indoors. 

Here are our top tips to maintaining a healthy indoor plant:

1. Less water than you think

Surprisingly, indoor plants don’t need a lot of water… In general you can water your indoor plants once per week and that is plenty of water for them.

2. Let the light in

Keep your plants in a sunny spot. This of course depends on the plant but generally plants love light and will thrive when they are in the perfect light spot.

3. Remove the dead growth

If you see any dead leaves make sure you remove them. This gives each plant the chance to put new growth in it’s place and encourages a thriving plant.

Good luck with your indoor plants!

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