About Black Property Central Coast

At Black Property Central Coast we are proud to offer the highest quality Real Estate service across the Central Coast and we do it for no extra cost. We are an owner-operated company and look forward to working with you and your property.

How are we different from other Central Coast “Real Estate” Companies?

About Black PropertyOur point of difference is in our proactive approach to managing properties. Rather than reacting when something goes wrong, or your property becomes under-rented, we use our experience and systems to ensure opportunities are taken as soon as they arise, and that the property is actually managed to ensure minimal expenditure and maximum return.

Our business strategy has resulted in specific investment in market-leading software systems which provide both owners and tenants with real-time access to property information.

We show properties when prospective buyers or tenants are available, not around our schedule.

Our comprehensive application process provides the foundation for a successful tenancy.

Worried about your property being run into the ground?

Like you we are investors. Our investment is in our company and our asset is your property. It is in our best financial interest to ­ensure our assets are maintained in the best possible condition so they can produce the best possible returns (for both you as the property owner and us as a company).

If we cannot rent your property because it is run down then we lose money as well. We operate with the mindset that your property is our investment. So rest assured we do care.

Interested in Giving it A Try?

Our service is 100% confidential, so if you are just testing the water or actively looking to engage a property manager or sales agent please contact our office now. Contact us to arrange your free appointment.

For further information please call our office on 02 4312 8177.